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In 2007, on the sixth anniversary of the attacks then cuban leader 
Fidel Castro claims U.S. was lying about the 9/11 terror attacks

Cuban leader Fidel Castro has accused the US government of deceiving the world 
about the September 11 terror attacks.

An article, titled "The Empire and Lies" and attributed to Castro, asserts that data on the 
World Trade Center destruction does not add up.

,Castro assumes the way the airplane crashed into the Twin Towers in New York on
 September 11 and the data from the plane's black boxes do not correspond 
with the criteria of mathematicians,
 seismologists,  and information and demolition specialists.

Castro wrote: "Today one knows there was deliberate misinformation," and 
"We were deceived as well as the rest of the planet's inhabitants," 
recalling Cuba's offer to 
donate blood after the tragedy.

Cuban security services had in the past warned US officials of planned strikes,
 including information on a planned attempt on then-president Ronald Reagan's life.
 In turn, the US government has developed 
hundreds of plots to kill him, Castro said in the article.

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